Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Humiliation slave - updates & announcement!

Hey bois ;)

Ryan's back! Remember him? If not, feel free to go back to My post from May 15, 2015, entitled "Humiliation Cage Slave," to see what this little sub is all about.  Ryan is a humiliation whore. Can't get enough of it!  He knows no loyalty to any Mistress, but that's okay - there's a method behind the madness. ;) Ryan is *such* a whore for humiliation that it's turned him into a bit of an exposure slut as well.  The more pictures he can have taken of him being a glammed-up sissy bitch, the better.  He throbs when he thinks about all the blogs he's been featured on and how many girls have laughed at his expense. So far, he's put himself in a cage, written various humiliations in permanent marker all over his body, and pranced in front of the web cam in girly clothes and a wig.

But Ryan's not done (hehehe).  Not even close.  I have big plans for him coming up.  I won't ruin the surprise by telling you what those things are, but I WILL tell you that as of the end of July, Ryan will have a place all of his own with no roommates to worry about.  Soon he'll have the freedom to do exactly as he wants - or should I say, exactly as he's told? lol

In the meantime, Ryan has some assignments to complete to his big move (aka, reveal) approaches. Keep an eye out, I'll be posting updates as we continue our plans and preparation for the big event.

Until next time!


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