Monday, April 2, 2018

Jackoff Jimmy has a bitchclit

Hello bois and bitches!  

Today's occular assault is brought to you by jackoff jimmy, who CLEARLY has a micropenis.   Yes, it's a medical condition, but not one that he needs to be sharing with the world.  And yet, here he is.  Showing it off in all its lack of glory.  If I didn't know better, I'd think he was proud of it.  

No, jimmy.  Just, no.  Put that thing away.  No one wants to strain their eyes trying to see that shit.


Saturday, February 17, 2018

An Exemplary (& Humble) Submissive

Hi bois and girls ;)

It's been a while!  But then again, it's been a while since any of you have done anything inspiring and/or noteworthy enough to post about, too. LOL So who's fault is it, really?  

This week, however, I stumbled over a GEM of a submissive.  He does as he's told, he communicates, and he has a beautifully exquisite attitude.  Honestly, he puts the good majority of you to shame.  Every single one of you could stand to take a note from his book...

... and you will.  Now, in fact.  Because, as per his special assignment (which he won in a #RTGame with Me on Twitter) he has supplied us all with a first-hand account of his submission.

So go, sub bois.  Read.  Enjoy.  Learn a thing or two.  But mostly, enjoy.

my Thursday with Mistress Drea

Did you ever have a Thursday that somehow started on a Monday or Tuesday and you didn’t know it?  Well, I did!  One Monday evening I texted Mistress Drea and next thing you know we are playing hard in a sexting session with my TENS units attached to some tender spots.  An amazing session!

On Tuesday, I texted with Mistress Drea and casually mentioned that I picked up on her comment  from a few weeks ago that “She was into #FINDOM.”  “What’s #FINDOM” I asked.  Well, almost immediately we are playing a #RTGame where Mistress Drea always wins! Needless to say, it was a huge turn-on for this #Chasity slave giving up control of his wallet to the retweets, faves, and comments of dominant Twitter users that love to see subs, like me, punished. After several games I wasn’t only financially drained but was ASSigned to wear a butt plug for 9 hours on Wednesday.  Mistress originally ASSigned 7 hours, but after my questioning Her math, She added 2 hours as a penalty!  I complied perfectly using an Ass-Anchor style that could NOT slip out!

Throughout Wednesday, we played more #RTGames -- each with escalating rates and deviously constructed ASSignments for me.  As a result, my ASSignments for Thursday were 8 hours of nipple clamps moving the location around the nipple every hour and 9 hours using a HUSH vibrating butt plug controlled remotely by Mistress Drea, alternating the Ass-Anchor while the HUSH recharged.  Perfect for a submissive pain slut like me!

Thursday was going great (for Mistress Drea) – only a few delays/penalties on the nipple clamp rotation until I had to go to a client meeting!  Just before I went to the meeting, I rotated the clamps while sitting in my car.  BTW, it’s agonizing to take nipple clamps off after they have been on for an hour not to mention the regularly scheduled rotations! Well, half way through the meeting, a clamp slipped off the left nipple. I heard it, but my clients did not as it slid down to my belt – luckily my shirt was tucked in!  However, the meeting ran very long and the right nipple was clamped for over 2 hours!  This resulted in 2 hours of additional clamp time as my penalty! Oh, and Mistress did loudly vibrate the HUSH a few times during the meeting, causing me to squirm. My clients looked very puzzled, but thankfully didn’t question me.

Remember how I said the Ass-Anchor would not slip out?  Well, after 2 days of having my anus stretched, the Ass-Anchor plug managed to disappear inside of me while I was at the hair salon later in the day.  I was leaning back in the shampoo chair, still nipple-clamped and noticed that my Ass felt odd with an unusually sharp pain.  Mistress had me a little distracted as I was instructed to use the TENS unit on my groin for the entire time I was at the salon with escalating intensities every 15 minutes.  So needless to say, I did not notice when it disappeared deep inside me.  My ASSignment for next time is to use MUCH LARGER Ass-Anchors!

Later Thursday evening, Mistress Drea summoned me for a new #RTGame.  As my ASSignment, Mistress was thinking that every 10 RTs would result in 1 hour of food deprivation.  I casually asked if She would allow me to have some wine as we sexted during the game.  She quickly replied: “Hell Yeah – get 2 bottles!”. The #RTGame was now a 2-hour long INTOX game with high-stakes,  which I never saw coming.  Every 10 comments and/or RTs required me to drink a glass of wine, resulting in me getting totally fucked-up drunk as my wallet was seriously drained again. The session culminated with a 1 am trip to the “woodshed” (aka my garage) where I called Mistress and she guided me in administering the roughest self-spanking of my life!  Incriminating pics are proof!

Now my Twitter profile has me listed as a #paypig.

Submissives, TAKE NOTE.  This is submission.  This is obedience.  Note his demeanor.  He takes JOY in fulfilling his tasks.  See those spank marks?  He did that TO HIMSELF.  He went above and beyond the levels of corporal punishment that even his previous, physically present Dommes had given him, and he LOVED it.  Those marks are a work of art, and his ass is the canvas.  Gorgeous submission from this one.

So?  When do the rest of you plan on stepping up your game? lol


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Sweet Sissy Jessica's Sissygirl Wedding album (Assignment)

Hi bois and gurls ;)

Today, I have the distinct pleasure of sharing with you the sissy assignment that one of My sweet girls took upon herself to complete.  Jessica put lots of time and effort into this, and I'm quite proud of her - she really made her fantasy come to life, and was very eager to share with all of you!  She's mixed quite a few of the things that we've talked about in with a few new things that we have yet to discuss.  Such a nice little surprise ;)


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Cocksucker Chrissy

Hi bois ;)

Let Me tell you about Chrissy.  Chrissy has been coming to Me off and on for the past couple years, always with the same story.  "Use me, Mistress.  Expose me, Mistress.  Make me be a sissy for You, Mistress."  And every time, he uses the same two pics:


Today, however, went a little differently.  Today, Chrissy finally dove in and took his ass to the glory hole.  I thought for sure he would chicken out again like he always has in the past, but no!  This time, he went for it.  Want proof?  

Good job, sissy.  Way to be a good cocksucker.  ;)  In fact, he *claims* to have sucked off not one, but TWO guys while he was there.  I don't know how true that part is, but I'm satisfied with what he sent... it's about time, chrissy!   lol


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sissy Lucy wets her panties

Hey bois, long time no talk!  But finally one of you gave Me something worth going to the trouble to post. LOL  What can I say?  I have high standards.

So here is sissy Lucy.  She called Me with a pair of pretty black panties, perfectly dry with her little cocklette positioned oh-so-neatly inside.   See?

But after a few minutes of playtime with yours truly (and a good amount of proper begging), Lucy had an understandable, yet unsightly accident. 

Look at all that ooey gooey wetness.  My goodness!  What a mess you make.  Such a filthy little slut, Miss Lucy.  Whatever will we do with you?  ;) lol

That's all for now.  See you again once another one of you decides to send Me something worth writing about. ;)  Hint: Don't be shy, and don't keep Me waiting.  I want content, and it better be fucking GOOD, sissies.


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Giving the term "wet panties" a whole new meaning...

Hey boys and girls ;)

Everyone meet sissygirl Lucy.  Lucy is a cocksucking little panty whore.  He's managed to keep a girlfriend for about 8 months now, though how he's kept his loserboy faggotry a secret from her is pretty much inexplicable - My guess is that she's just not very bright.  He recently found himself bound to men's room urinal for the purpose of being used by multiple men.  I'm guessing that cum wasn't the full extent of what he swallowed, given his location. LMAO  Disgusting little cum dumpster, isn't he? ;)

Tonight, Lucy got his panties wet for Me, and not in the sexual sense (although I suspect that he did get a stiffy from it afterwards!)  But you should have heard that little bitch whine and whimper about it!  First he didn't want to do it, then he didn't want to do it because he really DID want to do it...

Some of you little sissy boys really are worse than women, you know that right? LOL

A little sissyboy in his panties.  Nothing out of the ordinary here!  

Same sissyboy sucking the "wetness" out of his panties.
Good girl, Lucy. ;)  Way to clean up your mess!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Diaper bitch Roger

Hey subs! It's been a while ;)  Look who called Me today! 

Meet Roger.  His goal in life is to be the most disgusting excuse for a human-being that I've ever laid eyes on.  LOL  Wow.  Did you enjoy humping the bed for Me last night, Roger?  Did your diaper leave a wet spot on the bed?  HA.