Friday, March 4, 2016

Meet SissyShawnaCD, the Cross Dressing Homewrecker

Hey bois!

Check out who I got a call from today.   Meet Sissy Shawna:

And who's home is he wrecking, you may ask?  Oh... just his own.  :)

This worthless little faggot slut has been dating some poor unsuspecting girl for the past six months, but really?  He wants nothing more than a big throbbing cock shoved down his pathetic queerboy throat.  He'd rather pay $$$ to be exposed, humiliated, laughed at, and used than go anywhere near his girlfriend's vagina.  Ha!  I think she deserves to know, don't you??  

Of course she does.  Head's up, Jennifer M.  You're in for one disturbing realization. heh.

Tell Me this little attention whore isn't just begging to be split in half by a real man's cock...



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Belly button ring - self pierced.  In case you can't
read it, it says "I swallow."