Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Cocksucker Mike's pretty new singlet!!

Hi bois!

Cocksucker Mike is back, and he's either really amped up about Breast Cancer Awareness month, or he's just completely embraced his total lack of masculinity.  Either way, isn't that a glorious shade of baby pink??  

Um... why do you ben wa balls in your suit??  Ooh, riiiiight... LOL
My mistake!!

Earlier tonight, mike showed me a picture of his ex-girlfriend with her new husband.  She had the afterglow of orgasmic bliss written all over her face while her stud hubby sat next to her smirking like he just got laid (because odds are, he did.)

Directly to the right of that picture, he had a picture of himself in one of his tightass singlets, getting a face full of ass crack and ball sack while some dude pinned him down to the mat.  I think we all know how this story ends.  We don't call him cocksucker mike for nothin, ya know.

Gosh, mike.  Think Kim made the right choice??  Man who gives her orgasmic bliss... loser who takes cock balls-deep down the throat.  Yeah, I'm sure she's really losing sleep over that decision.  


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Todd's Halloween Outfit

Hi bois!

It's that time of year again :)  Every sissy's favorite.  It's getting closer and closer to that one time of the year when you can all walk out in public dressed however the hell you want, and no one can say a thing about it.  hehe.  I love it.  Let that inner girl out for a wild night or two.  But be careful!  You wouldn't want anyone to catch on, now would you?  I mean, how many guys (or even girls, in some cases) can strut their stuff as well as you can in high heels?  Someone's bound to notice. 

But not everyone gets to pick out their Halloween costume.  My humiliation bitch, Todd, for example.  Oh, don't get me wrong - he begged and pleaded for me to pick his costume out for him, (mostly because I made him) - but the fact still remains that he has no choice in the matter.  This is what we've ("we" meaning I) picked out:

Adorable isn't it?  Yes, it's a staple, but it's a CLASSIC staple.  

Now for the surprise.  Toddy doesn't know it yet, but he's down to his last strike.  If he presses my buttons one more time, he's going to pay handsomely for it.  His chastity will be extended until the end of the month - All Hallow's Eve.  Payback is a bitch, isn't it?  For all the attempts to top from the bottom... all the whining and complaining I've had to endure from you about having to follow through on all those assignments that YOU yourself asked for... 

You're one straw away from breaking the camel's back, Todd.

Can you imagine yourself, dressed in this?  How about dressed in this on the floor with your legs in the air, positioned over your head while you're cumming in your face?  Can you imagine that?

I can.