Friday, April 29, 2016

Fucking over My little bed humper.

Hi bois ;)

Wanna know what I'm doing right now? I'm talking to My bed humping little bitchboy, Jason.  We've played Raise-the-Rate a few times today, and the money keeps pouring in.  Right now, he's rubbing his little dicklet up against the mattress while I giggle, ignore, and type (while he's paying $29.99 per min.)  He's wearing his ex's panties.  I can't wait to tell his little girlfriend, Liz what a little cumeating fag he is.  He doesn't think it'll ever actually happen, but that's his problem.  I've got her phone number, and the second I'm done using this pathetic little bitchboy, she's going to find out everything.  I love fucking this little beta bitch.

Now be a good boy and eat your cum, Jason... Mmmm yummy.

PS - update: got him reading his own blog post back to Me, paying $32.99 per min.  Such a pathetic loser.  LOL