Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lessons Learned the HARD Way.

Hi bois!

It's amazing to me how grumpy some of you bois will get when you're in chastity, especially when you know it's only going to get you into trouble in the long run.  Or maybe that's just Todd.  Yes, I'm going to assume that's probably the case.  Most *true* slaves know their place.  Todd, however, has proven himself to be a problem child, and has forced me to put him in his place quite a bit over the course of the past couple weeks.  I swear, I could have sworn that I told him over and over again from the very beginning that I have no use for a sub-brat, but that doesn't stop him from testing me. 

Right off the bat, he started asking about buying out of his commitment.  He knew the price already, and he knew that I didn't want him to, yet he still asked.  I jumped the price up higher for his insolence, and he seemed to straighten out for a day or so.  

Then, he got agitated when I didn't respond to him right away, and actually had the nerve to send me this:

"your hurting my feelings ignoring me. I am ignoring you now. Ha. Sets Friday."

(He's not an idiot, I swear.  He's just not very good at texting from his phone.)

For those of you that don't know, bratty behavior is a pet peeve for me, and will not be tolerated.  I sent back this:

"I like how you just assume that I'm sitting in front of my computer the entire time I'm logged in.  You're being a rude little brat to me right now, and on top of that, awfully presumptuous.  You seem to believe that I should be planted in front of my screen, awaiting your email.  Newsflash, Todd, I have other shit to get done between calls.
NOW you will apologize AT LENGTH.  Make me happy again, and make sure you don't test me again this week, or I swear to fucking GOD, Todd, Friday will very quickly turn into next Monday.  
Fix your mistake.  Fast."

He chose to respond with this utter bullshit:

"I apologize for bothering you. I have been acting like an ass. Trying too get you to do what I want. I will stop. U ignoring me maybe teach me too stop. It does indeed hurt. again. SORRY!"

To which I replied:

"That was a piss poor apology - half assed at best.  Try again.  Move me Todd, or I'll move your Date of Release forward a few days."

Finally I got a decent apology out of him:
 "I don't want to move date forward.i am truly sorry i bothered you today and acted like an ass. I ask for this and you warned me repeatedly what would happen.. i continue to try to get u to do or say things even when i know its wrong. It never turns out well for both of us.  you don't deserve that.  I am sorry for doing this over and over. I am sorry I begged to be owned then wimp out when you entertain thought. i'm sorry i didn't trust you were going to give me what i need.  I am sorry I have put this all in jeopardy. i understand i need to listen and i am on my last leg................I understand you have spent a lot of your time on fulfilling my month I requested. I am sorry I might not ever get a chance to make you happy next week or month if you so choose."

I didn't respond right away.  I got busy, and quite frankly, he deserved to be kept waiting. I enjoyed knowing that he was squirming for Me as he went through and favorited Every. Single. Listing. that I had... again.  He even sent me a message accusing me of blocking him.  Pathetic.

Finally I sent him this:
"are you okay?  either you or you phone seems to be going into spasms.  LOL  what exactly did you hope to accomplish by re-favoriting every single one of my listings?  Don't worry, forgiveness will be coming your way soon enough.  :)  Your apology pleased me.  That's all you need to know."

Todd replies:

"omg. I dont know what to do.....i. Edging. I tryin to be good. I love you. I need you." 

I only wish that this was the only instance in which I've had to set Todd straight, but he truly is a brat about keeping his cum to himself.  At one stage, HE tried to tell ME how to dominate him. I do hope that he's learned his lesson well, because it cost him $75 just to prove that he was honestly sorry after I reamed his ass out over the phone.  I've already told him that until further notice, his Date of Release has been moved to Monday, the very last day of the month.   With good behavior, he can *maybe* earn permission to cum on Friday, as originally planned, but he would have to go above and beyond My expectations.  So far, he's stuck only to what is expected of him, and Mistress is overwhelming unimpressed.  Okay, Todd.  Monday it is.  Unless, of course, you can somehow wow me within the next few hours (doubtful.)  Be grateful for it.  At this point, you'll be lucky if I allow you to cum at all.

I hope you appreciate what a pain in the ass you've been for me over the past two weeks, slave boi, because your balls will be paying the price for it over the next three days.  

Happy edging, jerk off boi.  ;)


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

John Goes Girly - Meet Melissa!

Hi Bois!

I got a good amount of pics from John today.  He's super horny and decided to girl it up for the day, including giving himself a super-girly name: Melissa.  Check her sexy ass out!  Bet you wish you had as much to work with as she does ;)

Friday, August 14, 2015

Todd's Last Hoorah

Hey bois,

For the last 12 days, Toddy has been edging two times every day without allowing himself to cum.  He finally allowed himself to cum on Wednesday, and now he's back for more.  This time around, it's for two weeks in chastity with two 30 min edge sessions per day.  He's begged me to allow him to pay me for his utter humiliation on My blog, so here it is.  Tonight, and only tonight, will Todd be allowed to cum before his two weeks in chastity.  However, there are stipulations.  He has to read this blog post, along with his mantras, while upside down, preparing himself to cum all over his pathetic face.

Happy squirting, Toddy boy.