Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Loser Andy - Humiliation during a good hard wallet fucking

Hey bois,

Mistress is soooo amused right now.  I love humiliating this little loser so much.  Taking his money is a breeze, and on top of that, he keeps giving Me more and more ammo to use against him.  How quickly his pathetic little clit squirts... how easily... 

Yesterday he had me wallet rape him while he rode the bus with a teeny tiny tent in his panties.  He leaked in them before the ride was over.  Tonight he wants the same treatment, only he's home... with Mommy a few rooms away. LMAO.  

You humiliation sluts never cease to amaze Me.

Although I can't get a picture out of him of his face *yet*, I was able to get this.

What do you think, bois?  My favorite is the one with his pinky next to his puny clit.   Such an effeminate finger, too... look how pretty that nail is.  Please be sure and tell your manicurist what a fantastic job she's done for Me, will you? LOL

That's all for now, bois.  Time to go collect My payment from the little loser.