Saturday, December 17, 2016

Giving the term "wet panties" a whole new meaning...

Hey boys and girls ;)

Everyone meet sissygirl Lucy.  Lucy is a cocksucking little panty whore.  He's managed to keep a girlfriend for about 8 months now, though how he's kept his loserboy faggotry a secret from her is pretty much inexplicable - My guess is that she's just not very bright.  He recently found himself bound to men's room urinal for the purpose of being used by multiple men.  I'm guessing that cum wasn't the full extent of what he swallowed, given his location. LMAO  Disgusting little cum dumpster, isn't he? ;)

Tonight, Lucy got his panties wet for Me, and not in the sexual sense (although I suspect that he did get a stiffy from it afterwards!)  But you should have heard that little bitch whine and whimper about it!  First he didn't want to do it, then he didn't want to do it because he really DID want to do it...

Some of you little sissy boys really are worse than women, you know that right? LOL

A little sissyboy in his panties.  Nothing out of the ordinary here!  

Same sissyboy sucking the "wetness" out of his panties.
Good girl, Lucy. ;)  Way to clean up your mess!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Diaper bitch Roger

Hey subs! It's been a while ;)  Look who called Me today! 

Meet Roger.  His goal in life is to be the most disgusting excuse for a human-being that I've ever laid eyes on.  LOL  Wow.  Did you enjoy humping the bed for Me last night, Roger?  Did your diaper leave a wet spot on the bed?  HA.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Sissy bitch Jason exposed - again. LOL

Hi bois!

Here's My bed humper Jason again in all his sissy glory!  He does love to show off his little bitch face, doesn't he??  LOL

But what's that glistening on your face, Jason?  Oh... right.  You've been playing with tranny cock again, haven't you?  He even licked his own cum off of her cock when they were together last time.  Such a faggot.  ;)  Yummy yummy, cum in your tummy!!! (the little cocksucker just looooves to say that one.

Keep it up, Jason.  One of these days your luck's going to run out, bed humper.  You're going to expose yourself one too many times and it's going to fall into the wrong hands.... possibly by My hands.


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Meet My little cutie-pie, ♥Chloe♥

Hey bois!

I've picked up the cutest little sissygirl you could ever meet.  And such good taste in lingerie!  (I may have helped her pick it out. LOL)  Little Miss Chloe has a lot of potential - super frilly, adorably sweet / shy, and plenty of enthusiasm.  Strangely enough, she started out thinking she was a "lesbian", but based on our most recent conversation, I think she might be persuaded otherwise.  ;)

Cutie-pie Chloe and her little clitty ;)

I'm excited to see where our journey together leads.  I have a feeling she's going to be one of my favorite girlfriends. LOL


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Loser Andy - Humiliation during a good hard wallet fucking

Hey bois,

Mistress is soooo amused right now.  I love humiliating this little loser so much.  Taking his money is a breeze, and on top of that, he keeps giving Me more and more ammo to use against him.  How quickly his pathetic little clit squirts... how easily... 

Yesterday he had me wallet rape him while he rode the bus with a teeny tiny tent in his panties.  He leaked in them before the ride was over.  Tonight he wants the same treatment, only he's home... with Mommy a few rooms away. LMAO.  

You humiliation sluts never cease to amaze Me.

Although I can't get a picture out of him of his face *yet*, I was able to get this.

What do you think, bois?  My favorite is the one with his pinky next to his puny clit.   Such an effeminate finger, too... look how pretty that nail is.  Please be sure and tell your manicurist what a fantastic job she's done for Me, will you? LOL

That's all for now, bois.  Time to go collect My payment from the little loser.


Friday, April 29, 2016

Fucking over My little bed humper.

Hi bois ;)

Wanna know what I'm doing right now? I'm talking to My bed humping little bitchboy, Jason.  We've played Raise-the-Rate a few times today, and the money keeps pouring in.  Right now, he's rubbing his little dicklet up against the mattress while I giggle, ignore, and type (while he's paying $29.99 per min.)  He's wearing his ex's panties.  I can't wait to tell his little girlfriend, Liz what a little cumeating fag he is.  He doesn't think it'll ever actually happen, but that's his problem.  I've got her phone number, and the second I'm done using this pathetic little bitchboy, she's going to find out everything.  I love fucking this little beta bitch.

Now be a good boy and eat your cum, Jason... Mmmm yummy.

PS - update: got him reading his own blog post back to Me, paying $32.99 per min.  Such a pathetic loser.  LOL


Friday, March 4, 2016

Meet SissyShawnaCD, the Cross Dressing Homewrecker

Hey bois!

Check out who I got a call from today.   Meet Sissy Shawna:

And who's home is he wrecking, you may ask?  Oh... just his own.  :)

This worthless little faggot slut has been dating some poor unsuspecting girl for the past six months, but really?  He wants nothing more than a big throbbing cock shoved down his pathetic queerboy throat.  He'd rather pay $$$ to be exposed, humiliated, laughed at, and used than go anywhere near his girlfriend's vagina.  Ha!  I think she deserves to know, don't you??  

Of course she does.  Head's up, Jennifer M.  You're in for one disturbing realization. heh.

Tell Me this little attention whore isn't just begging to be split in half by a real man's cock...



Follow on Twitter: @SissyShawnaCD

Belly button ring - self pierced.  In case you can't
read it, it says "I swallow."


Friday, February 26, 2016

Note to Todd

Pic in 10 min, or be prepared to pay a $59 fine.  You know what I want, and you know what I'll do if I don't GET what I want.


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ouch :D

Hey bois!

It's been awhile, but Mistress always returns, doesn't she?  Patience is a virtue that every good sub needs to learn.

I recently had a quick session with Cal, who needed to get a little CBT out of his system before he could fully commit himself to truly being feminized.  We played a little game during the playoffs just before the Superbowl (don't ask me which teams.  Mistress knows and cares squat about football, and frankly it's too much trouble to look up.)  The deal was, one clothespin on Cal's package per point difference between a few different teams (there were two games going on at the time) plus a roll of the dice... which ended up being two rolls, because Cal was tardy in getting up with me.  I have a sneaking suspicion that he may have done that on purpose, actually. LOL

By the time it was all said and done, Cal's shaven clitty-dick was decorated with 52 lovely little clips. Kind of looks like he's growing a porcupine between his legs...

Next time, I think I'll have him string them together and rip them all off at once.  :)  Groans of pain make Me smile.  

Until next time!