Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Todd's Big Night

Hi bois!

I've got Todd on the line again, awaiting his next attempt at chastity for me on Thursday. To prepare him for his (hopefully successful this time) two week chastity period, he's begged me for permission to charge him $$$ to tell you all on My blog about what I'm doing to him.  As we speak, Todd is sitting on the floor in his pretty purple panties - which I picked out for him - waiting for me to give him the go-ahead to cum all over his pathetic face.  He got a little tipsy tonight  (he's a bit of a lightweight) and told me he would do ANYTHING to make me happy with him again.  So far, he's bought me something pretty off of My wishlist, and done pretty much everything I've asked of him in general.  Now he's begging to cum on his face... I guess it's difficult to have to sit there and edge while I read to him what I'm typing!  LOL  Alright, Todd.  As soon as you read this back to Me, you have permission.  Don't forget to push the cum off your face and into your mouth with your fingers!  You did say you were hungry...


PS - Not quite enough, you say?  You want to read to me how much you've spent on me this month? Oh! Okay!  LOL

PPS - Yes, Todd, your total is $1000.23 for the month.  AND I played raise the rate w/ you on the last call.  NOW TURN UPSIDE DOWN AND CUM ALL OVER YOUR FACE.  See you Thursday! :D

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Another Photo Shoot - Slutty Miss "Melissa"

Hi bois!

Anyone else here like to get all hussied up and take pics of your slutty selves?  Miss Melissa certainly does!  I'm proud to say, I actually helped her pick a few of hot little numbers out when she took Me shopping over the phone a couple weeks ago.  

Get a load of her sexy ass:

Pretty pink bows... Yay!

The zebra print is my doing - I take full blame / credit. :p

Mixing animal prints!?!  I always knew you had an
inner trashy whore :)

This one was also my doing.  Isn't she sweet? :)

Did I help pick out this one?  I don't quite remember,
though it does look familiar...

Clearly Miss Melissa's clitty responds very well to her
new lingerie.  hehehe ;)

So, Miss Melissa, have you had your weekly dose of cock yet?  Sure looks like you're in need of it!  Hopefully you'll get a chance to show off all your new pretty clothes to that new boytoy of yours soon ;)  Happy cocksucking!


Monday, September 21, 2015

The Willing Wuss

Hi bois!

Last night, I spoke to Louis for the first time.  It was a really enlightening conversation, to say the least.  

About a year ago, Louis had a girlfriend that loved to cuckold him with guys that were much bigger and stronger than him.  Unfortunately, his inability to give in to her dark fantasies got in the way of their relationship and she had to move on to (literally) bigger and better things, but Louis has decided that he needs her back in his life.  He's going to finally give her what she wants, and fulfill her fantasy - and holy fuck, what a fantasy it is!

His ex-girlfriend's fantasy is to watch Louis get the shit beat out of him.  We're not talking about a broken nose or black eye here, okay?  We're talking about a trip to the hospital with a two-night stay kind of beat down.  She wants his shit fucked up bad, and she wants the guy that's fucking her to be the one to do it.  

It's not that she holds a grudge against Louis or anything. In fact she still seems to genuinely like him as a person.  It's just that she kind of gets off on (in Louis's words) "using his soul for her personal toilet."  Not only does she want to see him put in the hospital, she wants to take the guy that she's fucking to the hospital to visit Louis so that she can get fucked by the guy that fucked him up - with Louis still in it.

Now, Louis is already painfully aware that he can never get his girlfriend back, but at least he can still be in her life if he just does this one little thing for her.  LOL  Take care, and take pictures, Louis.  And don't forget to call me from the hospital.  ;)