Friday, July 29, 2016

Sissy bitch Jason exposed - again. LOL

Hi bois!

Here's My bed humper Jason again in all his sissy glory!  He does love to show off his little bitch face, doesn't he??  LOL

But what's that glistening on your face, Jason?  Oh... right.  You've been playing with tranny cock again, haven't you?  He even licked his own cum off of her cock when they were together last time.  Such a faggot.  ;)  Yummy yummy, cum in your tummy!!! (the little cocksucker just looooves to say that one.

Keep it up, Jason.  One of these days your luck's going to run out, bed humper.  You're going to expose yourself one too many times and it's going to fall into the wrong hands.... possibly by My hands.


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Meet My little cutie-pie, ♥Chloe♥

Hey bois!

I've picked up the cutest little sissygirl you could ever meet.  And such good taste in lingerie!  (I may have helped her pick it out. LOL)  Little Miss Chloe has a lot of potential - super frilly, adorably sweet / shy, and plenty of enthusiasm.  Strangely enough, she started out thinking she was a "lesbian", but based on our most recent conversation, I think she might be persuaded otherwise.  ;)

Cutie-pie Chloe and her little clitty ;)

I'm excited to see where our journey together leads.  I have a feeling she's going to be one of my favorite girlfriends. LOL