Sunday, April 12, 2015

Confessions of a blackmail bitch

My Sweet Little Submissives,

I love confessions. Especially humiliating confessions. ;)

So, for my own amusement and your reading pleasure, I had one of my blackmail boys write an account of his most embarassing moments. A few details have been edited out and/or paraphrased for the sake of keeping to NF policies, of course, but otherwise, these are direct quotes from a slave who will from this point be referred to as Chris the bitch.

"When I was [younger] I got caught masturbating and proceeded to jump, trip, and then bash my head into a dresser, the gash on my head required ten stiches. [The guy that walked in on me] decided to tell all of his friends at high school. So of course it spread like wildfire.

"The next year, I woke up one morning to find that I had no clean boxers, so I grabbed a pair, that I had worn already, I didn’t realize they were the same ones that I had cum in two days earlier when a girl had given me a hand job. [Everyone] had a field day with that one when the guy next to me in the locker room noticed. I started to think about that night and that girl and of course not thinking it could get any worse was a mistake, the thoughts caused me to get a boner right then and there.

"My last girlfriend was unhappy with our relationship because of how much I work and how often I am out of town. I had no clue, but she was also sleeping with another guy. I found out because she decided to get his name tattooed just above her pussy while I was away on a business trip. I came home and was really expecting a nice night with dinner and then some good fucking. When I saw the tattoo she shouted his name and he came into the room.

"And I suppose we can add this to the list. The embarrassment of having to divulge these things for all that will read this blog, despite only my first name being attached, knowing that this information is out there is quite embarrassing."


So there we have it! Take a bow, Chrissy. Your most embarassing secrets are now on display for the world to see. Congrats ;)

Anyone else care to confess? Consider yourself warned... the only secrets I'm any good at keeping are identities.  


Friday, April 10, 2015

I live to serve.... LMAO

My Sweet Little Submissives,

I'm a woman on a mission. Anyone care to help?

Last night I spoke with Jason, an adorable little cocksucking slut from NY. Not all cock, mind you... just trannies. ;) Still, a cocksucker is a cocksucker is a little pussyboy dicklicker, am I right? LOL But that's not really Jason's thing.

His real thing is being fucked over. His self-destructive nature gives him a hard-on, and nothing strokes his itty bitty row boat quite like the threat of being exposed. It's the reason he sucks cock. It's the reason he calls phone sex. It's also the reason that he tells me all about swiping his ex-girlfriend's panties and humping the mattress in them until he explodes. It's like he sets himself up for humiliation... but that's only because he does! LOL

He's even let me see his ex-girlfriend's facebook page in hopes that I might attempt to contact her.

Up to this point, I've only pretended to attempt to contact her. NF has policies, and I abide by them. But every now and then, a Mistress has to up the ante... at least enough to get your sub's blood pumping. So you find loopholes to get the desired effect, which in this case is the threat of discovery. It's just good customer service, if you think about it!

Her name is Brooke. My hope is that if this gets shared around enough, Brooke might stand a chance of actually reading about what a dirty little degenerate My fuckboy Jason is. Even if she never knows for sure that it's him, it should be good enough to put a few questions in her head. ;)