Saturday, November 28, 2015

How 2 B a Sissy Slut in One Month

Hi bois!

Isn't it funny how things happen?  You're going along your normal, everyday life, and then suddenly out of nowhere, you're allowing yourself to be turned into a little faggot slut.

The last time I talked to this caller was months and months ago.  He was going on about how he loved to dress up when his girlfriend wasn't home, etc... nothing out of the ordinary for me to hear.  Then he started telling me about how he wanted to show his gay best friend.

Hmm.  Gay best friend.  Interesting.  Naturally, I encouraged him.  I also informed him that by the time all was said and done, he'd be breaking up with his girlfriend to get fucked on a regular basis.  Not that I was giving orders - no, nothing like that (this time.)  Let's just say, I was placing my bet.

He called recently to give me an update, AKA, tell me how fucking right I was.  LOL  I do love being right.  

Barely a month after we talked, he told his girlfriend and dumped her in the process.  He's currently his gay best friend's bitch.  His 'friend' will only fuck him when he's dressed like a little sissy slut... and what a slut he is!  LOL  He also has two other guys that fuck him on a regular basis.  

Look how much that little whore likes to show off in his pretty pink lingerie!  LOL  Such a good little bitch boy.  I can't wait to pick out some more sissy outfits for him to wear.


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bitchboy EXPOSED

Hi bois!

You've seen me talk about Jason H. before, right? If you haven't, let me update you.  He's a bitchboy that loves to play raise-the-rate games, and hump the bed in his ex-girlfriend's panties while I tell him about how I'm going to expose him to his current girlfriend, Amanda H.... and his co-workers, Chelsea and Kaitlyn W... and the ex that he took the panties from (Brooke M.)

What would I tell them?  Oh, I dunno.  That he's a bed humping bitch ought to be enough, but the tranny-loving part should really be a blast to tell his church-going girlfriend about.... He's a total whiz with a cock in panties. LOL

So far I've just been toying with him, but tonight I want to play a game. Everyone take a good hard look at Jason...  retweet, share, etc.  I want to see how long it takes for it to reach one of these girls.  That is, of course, assuming that I don't get impatient and send them the link to my blog on my own.

Unless of course, someone would like to pay a substantial amount of $$ to have it taken down.  Oh, sorry, did I say $$?  I meant $$$.  Make me happy, Jason.

Here he is.  Look familiar to anyone?

Happy sharing!!


Monday, November 9, 2015

Mikey's new girlfriend

Hi bois!

Mistress has a new plaything to add to the list!  Meet Mike :)  Mikey used to have stamina issues, and it made both him and Mistress very sad - though probably not quite as sad as his past (real) girlfriends.  However, his new girlfriend, Miranda, has no problem with it. That may have something to do with the fact that he popped his last one. lol  Someone got a little over-eager.

After a good week or so of edging, Mike has learned to control himself a little better.  He actually fucked a real girl recently, and somehow managed to make it last longer than five minutes.  Welcome to the world of fucking, Mike.   Better stay on your A-game, or you'll be deported back to Loserville in no time flat.  ;)  The only women that tolerate five-minute fuckboys are the ones made of plastic.  Remember that.

P.S. - try not to make Miranda too jealous with your new fuck friend.  She might be the only steady pussy you get for a while.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Cocksucker Mike's pretty new singlet!!

Hi bois!

Cocksucker Mike is back, and he's either really amped up about Breast Cancer Awareness month, or he's just completely embraced his total lack of masculinity.  Either way, isn't that a glorious shade of baby pink??  

Um... why do you ben wa balls in your suit??  Ooh, riiiiight... LOL
My mistake!!

Earlier tonight, mike showed me a picture of his ex-girlfriend with her new husband.  She had the afterglow of orgasmic bliss written all over her face while her stud hubby sat next to her smirking like he just got laid (because odds are, he did.)

Directly to the right of that picture, he had a picture of himself in one of his tightass singlets, getting a face full of ass crack and ball sack while some dude pinned him down to the mat.  I think we all know how this story ends.  We don't call him cocksucker mike for nothin, ya know.

Gosh, mike.  Think Kim made the right choice??  Man who gives her orgasmic bliss... loser who takes cock balls-deep down the throat.  Yeah, I'm sure she's really losing sleep over that decision.  


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Todd's Halloween Outfit

Hi bois!

It's that time of year again :)  Every sissy's favorite.  It's getting closer and closer to that one time of the year when you can all walk out in public dressed however the hell you want, and no one can say a thing about it.  hehe.  I love it.  Let that inner girl out for a wild night or two.  But be careful!  You wouldn't want anyone to catch on, now would you?  I mean, how many guys (or even girls, in some cases) can strut their stuff as well as you can in high heels?  Someone's bound to notice. 

But not everyone gets to pick out their Halloween costume.  My humiliation bitch, Todd, for example.  Oh, don't get me wrong - he begged and pleaded for me to pick his costume out for him, (mostly because I made him) - but the fact still remains that he has no choice in the matter.  This is what we've ("we" meaning I) picked out:

Adorable isn't it?  Yes, it's a staple, but it's a CLASSIC staple.  

Now for the surprise.  Toddy doesn't know it yet, but he's down to his last strike.  If he presses my buttons one more time, he's going to pay handsomely for it.  His chastity will be extended until the end of the month - All Hallow's Eve.  Payback is a bitch, isn't it?  For all the attempts to top from the bottom... all the whining and complaining I've had to endure from you about having to follow through on all those assignments that YOU yourself asked for... 

You're one straw away from breaking the camel's back, Todd.

Can you imagine yourself, dressed in this?  How about dressed in this on the floor with your legs in the air, positioned over your head while you're cumming in your face?  Can you imagine that?

I can.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Todd's Big Night

Hi bois!

I've got Todd on the line again, awaiting his next attempt at chastity for me on Thursday. To prepare him for his (hopefully successful this time) two week chastity period, he's begged me for permission to charge him $$$ to tell you all on My blog about what I'm doing to him.  As we speak, Todd is sitting on the floor in his pretty purple panties - which I picked out for him - waiting for me to give him the go-ahead to cum all over his pathetic face.  He got a little tipsy tonight  (he's a bit of a lightweight) and told me he would do ANYTHING to make me happy with him again.  So far, he's bought me something pretty off of My wishlist, and done pretty much everything I've asked of him in general.  Now he's begging to cum on his face... I guess it's difficult to have to sit there and edge while I read to him what I'm typing!  LOL  Alright, Todd.  As soon as you read this back to Me, you have permission.  Don't forget to push the cum off your face and into your mouth with your fingers!  You did say you were hungry...


PS - Not quite enough, you say?  You want to read to me how much you've spent on me this month? Oh! Okay!  LOL

PPS - Yes, Todd, your total is $1000.23 for the month.  AND I played raise the rate w/ you on the last call.  NOW TURN UPSIDE DOWN AND CUM ALL OVER YOUR FACE.  See you Thursday! :D

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Another Photo Shoot - Slutty Miss "Melissa"

Hi bois!

Anyone else here like to get all hussied up and take pics of your slutty selves?  Miss Melissa certainly does!  I'm proud to say, I actually helped her pick a few of hot little numbers out when she took Me shopping over the phone a couple weeks ago.  

Get a load of her sexy ass:

Pretty pink bows... Yay!

The zebra print is my doing - I take full blame / credit. :p

Mixing animal prints!?!  I always knew you had an
inner trashy whore :)

This one was also my doing.  Isn't she sweet? :)

Did I help pick out this one?  I don't quite remember,
though it does look familiar...

Clearly Miss Melissa's clitty responds very well to her
new lingerie.  hehehe ;)

So, Miss Melissa, have you had your weekly dose of cock yet?  Sure looks like you're in need of it!  Hopefully you'll get a chance to show off all your new pretty clothes to that new boytoy of yours soon ;)  Happy cocksucking!


Monday, September 21, 2015

The Willing Wuss

Hi bois!

Last night, I spoke to Louis for the first time.  It was a really enlightening conversation, to say the least.  

About a year ago, Louis had a girlfriend that loved to cuckold him with guys that were much bigger and stronger than him.  Unfortunately, his inability to give in to her dark fantasies got in the way of their relationship and she had to move on to (literally) bigger and better things, but Louis has decided that he needs her back in his life.  He's going to finally give her what she wants, and fulfill her fantasy - and holy fuck, what a fantasy it is!

His ex-girlfriend's fantasy is to watch Louis get the shit beat out of him.  We're not talking about a broken nose or black eye here, okay?  We're talking about a trip to the hospital with a two-night stay kind of beat down.  She wants his shit fucked up bad, and she wants the guy that's fucking her to be the one to do it.  

It's not that she holds a grudge against Louis or anything. In fact she still seems to genuinely like him as a person.  It's just that she kind of gets off on (in Louis's words) "using his soul for her personal toilet."  Not only does she want to see him put in the hospital, she wants to take the guy that she's fucking to the hospital to visit Louis so that she can get fucked by the guy that fucked him up - with Louis still in it.

Now, Louis is already painfully aware that he can never get his girlfriend back, but at least he can still be in her life if he just does this one little thing for her.  LOL  Take care, and take pictures, Louis.  And don't forget to call me from the hospital.  ;)


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lessons Learned the HARD Way.

Hi bois!

It's amazing to me how grumpy some of you bois will get when you're in chastity, especially when you know it's only going to get you into trouble in the long run.  Or maybe that's just Todd.  Yes, I'm going to assume that's probably the case.  Most *true* slaves know their place.  Todd, however, has proven himself to be a problem child, and has forced me to put him in his place quite a bit over the course of the past couple weeks.  I swear, I could have sworn that I told him over and over again from the very beginning that I have no use for a sub-brat, but that doesn't stop him from testing me. 

Right off the bat, he started asking about buying out of his commitment.  He knew the price already, and he knew that I didn't want him to, yet he still asked.  I jumped the price up higher for his insolence, and he seemed to straighten out for a day or so.  

Then, he got agitated when I didn't respond to him right away, and actually had the nerve to send me this:

"your hurting my feelings ignoring me. I am ignoring you now. Ha. Sets Friday."

(He's not an idiot, I swear.  He's just not very good at texting from his phone.)

For those of you that don't know, bratty behavior is a pet peeve for me, and will not be tolerated.  I sent back this:

"I like how you just assume that I'm sitting in front of my computer the entire time I'm logged in.  You're being a rude little brat to me right now, and on top of that, awfully presumptuous.  You seem to believe that I should be planted in front of my screen, awaiting your email.  Newsflash, Todd, I have other shit to get done between calls.
NOW you will apologize AT LENGTH.  Make me happy again, and make sure you don't test me again this week, or I swear to fucking GOD, Todd, Friday will very quickly turn into next Monday.  
Fix your mistake.  Fast."

He chose to respond with this utter bullshit:

"I apologize for bothering you. I have been acting like an ass. Trying too get you to do what I want. I will stop. U ignoring me maybe teach me too stop. It does indeed hurt. again. SORRY!"

To which I replied:

"That was a piss poor apology - half assed at best.  Try again.  Move me Todd, or I'll move your Date of Release forward a few days."

Finally I got a decent apology out of him:
 "I don't want to move date forward.i am truly sorry i bothered you today and acted like an ass. I ask for this and you warned me repeatedly what would happen.. i continue to try to get u to do or say things even when i know its wrong. It never turns out well for both of us.  you don't deserve that.  I am sorry for doing this over and over. I am sorry I begged to be owned then wimp out when you entertain thought. i'm sorry i didn't trust you were going to give me what i need.  I am sorry I have put this all in jeopardy. i understand i need to listen and i am on my last leg................I understand you have spent a lot of your time on fulfilling my month I requested. I am sorry I might not ever get a chance to make you happy next week or month if you so choose."

I didn't respond right away.  I got busy, and quite frankly, he deserved to be kept waiting. I enjoyed knowing that he was squirming for Me as he went through and favorited Every. Single. Listing. that I had... again.  He even sent me a message accusing me of blocking him.  Pathetic.

Finally I sent him this:
"are you okay?  either you or you phone seems to be going into spasms.  LOL  what exactly did you hope to accomplish by re-favoriting every single one of my listings?  Don't worry, forgiveness will be coming your way soon enough.  :)  Your apology pleased me.  That's all you need to know."

Todd replies:

"omg. I dont know what to do.....i. Edging. I tryin to be good. I love you. I need you." 

I only wish that this was the only instance in which I've had to set Todd straight, but he truly is a brat about keeping his cum to himself.  At one stage, HE tried to tell ME how to dominate him. I do hope that he's learned his lesson well, because it cost him $75 just to prove that he was honestly sorry after I reamed his ass out over the phone.  I've already told him that until further notice, his Date of Release has been moved to Monday, the very last day of the month.   With good behavior, he can *maybe* earn permission to cum on Friday, as originally planned, but he would have to go above and beyond My expectations.  So far, he's stuck only to what is expected of him, and Mistress is overwhelming unimpressed.  Okay, Todd.  Monday it is.  Unless, of course, you can somehow wow me within the next few hours (doubtful.)  Be grateful for it.  At this point, you'll be lucky if I allow you to cum at all.

I hope you appreciate what a pain in the ass you've been for me over the past two weeks, slave boi, because your balls will be paying the price for it over the next three days.  

Happy edging, jerk off boi.  ;)


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

John Goes Girly - Meet Melissa!

Hi Bois!

I got a good amount of pics from John today.  He's super horny and decided to girl it up for the day, including giving himself a super-girly name: Melissa.  Check her sexy ass out!  Bet you wish you had as much to work with as she does ;)

Friday, August 14, 2015

Todd's Last Hoorah

Hey bois,

For the last 12 days, Toddy has been edging two times every day without allowing himself to cum.  He finally allowed himself to cum on Wednesday, and now he's back for more.  This time around, it's for two weeks in chastity with two 30 min edge sessions per day.  He's begged me to allow him to pay me for his utter humiliation on My blog, so here it is.  Tonight, and only tonight, will Todd be allowed to cum before his two weeks in chastity.  However, there are stipulations.  He has to read this blog post, along with his mantras, while upside down, preparing himself to cum all over his pathetic face.

Happy squirting, Toddy boy.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

mike the wrestling cocksucker: defeated again.

Hi bois,

Mike the wrestling cocksucker is back for more humiliation.  He adores it so much that he actually paid me a pretty decent penny to write this... let's see how badly we can rip him to shreds.  ;)

Here's a fun way to kick things off!  I love visuals, don't you?  

In an attempt to further the destruction of his already suffering masculinity, Mike decided to set up a wrestling match with this guy, who happens to be about 20 years his senior.  

See Mike.  See Mike wrestle.  See Mike get his wimpy ass beaten down by an old dude.

See Drea laugh her glorious ass off.  

Gee, Mike, not sure which is funnier - seeing you get beaten, or the fact that (despite his arms being in the way, while you are presented front and center.  Oh, and the fact that your suit is way tighter...) your partner's bulge is about ten times more pronounced than yours is.  Honestly, if you hadn't pointed it out, I might not have noticed.  I thought maybe you'd just gotten a little dirt in your suit or something.  My bad!

You do have a lovely camel toe, though.  Oh, right.  My bad again.  Those are supposed to be testicles.  Whoops.  :)

And of course, as per "club regulations" (?!), Mike was required to give Mr. Old Dude a blow job after getting a face full of foot.  Wow.  It literally sucks to be you, doesn't it? LOL  

Oh, yeah, update on the pink homo suit Mike had ordered for himself:  Wrong size.  (insert collective "aww" of disappointment from the crowd here.)

Such a pity!  But take heart, people, he's ordered himself another one.  I guess it wasn't quite tight enough for him to show off his undersized package.  Try two sizes too small, Mike.  Now I realize that your itty bitty clitty is way more than just two sizes too small, but the suit has to fit the rest of your body, too.  :p

Okay, okay... enough with the stand-up comedy, already.  Drea out!


Thursday, July 16, 2015

jason h: another bitch in the making

Hi again bois!

What can I say?  When it rains, it pours.  Another caller loved my Todd-trilogy so much that he had to have his own entry.  And I mean had to.  Not only did I raise the per-minute rate on him, I also charged him five times as much as I did Todd.  But then again, he's got so much more dirt to share than Todd ever did.

Let's see.  Where to start?  How about the fact that he has made a routine out of jerking off in his ex's panties.  Her name is Brooke M. and she has no idea that he as her panties.  But then again, she also has no idea that he loves anal play and tranny cock.  I do have to wonder what she would have to say about that.  Anyone located in New York know a Brooke?  Because personally, I think she should know.

But then again, his girlfriend Mandy H.  should probably have first dibs on any information that I have to hand out.  She's a good Christian girl and couldn't possibly approve of her current boyfriend's extracurricular activities.  I wonder what she would think of jason if she knew that he was a cock loving, cock sucking blackmail bitch.  If she isn't turned away by how much of a faggot he is, she's sure to be turned off by the fact that he loves to be forced into spending money just to let everyone know that he's a fucking perv.

And then, there's Chelsea M.

Mandy should really know about her, because she's the one that jason works with that he fantasizes the most about knowing his secret love for cock.  Jason knows that Chelsea would laugh her ass off and expose him for the cocksucker that he is.  Not only that, but she would probably take pictures to prove her point.

I've instructed jason to purchase a buttplug for himself to insert into his dudepussy while he's humping the mattress at the home at which he's supposed to be housesitting.  I'm sure the owner would love to know that you're raiding her panty drawer while jizzing all over her mattress while you talk to me.   Head's up, Tanya, check for the cum spot.  Wouldn't want to lay in that if you can help it.


Todd's humiliation complete

Hi bois,

A fun end to the Todd-trilogy.  Todd is now back on the phone begging me once again to humiliate him and put him in his place on My blog while I tell you all about how I've forced him to pay me more to write this.  We've set an all time record for money spent for him, and he's currently swishing the cum around in his mouth that I forced him to dribble out.  Todd loves to see in writing what a jerk off bitch he has become for me, and I love hearing him repeat his "I asked for this" mantra with a mouthful of cum.  He can't control himself, and I'm reaping the benefits.


P.S.  Todd's total for tonight is $237.41.... for one orgasm.  Laughing my way to the bank as we speak.

Todd - the makings of a slave

Hi again bois,

My goodness, I never realized what a jerk-off slave My Toddy is!  First he begs for the mantras, then he begs me to share it all on My blog.  On top of that, he THEN begged for permission to pay me more money to write another blog entry about him, while staying on the phone with me while I wrote it after I raised the rate. LMAO  I have mentioned that I love my job, haven't I?  He's currently standing there repeating his mantras in the mirror while I write to you all about what a jack-off boy he is.

Todd is going to cum on his face for me, and eat it, while paying for the permission to do so.  Why? Because he can't control himself.  He's been edging himself for Me for the past week without permission to cum.  Because he's a little pay slut, and he's pitiful to the -nth degree.  Because I own his ass.


Todd's new mantras

Hi bois!

It seems the mantras were a hit with a couple callers of mine.  Todd in particular loved it so much that he paid for me to make him up his own.  He also begged for me to put them up on my blog for the world to see just how much I own his ass.  

Here they are:

I knew what would happen when I picked up the phone to call you.
I give you permission to make me do what you want.
I asked for this.
I have no one to blame but myself.
I beg to be owned.
I deserve this.

He also granted me permission to force him to cum all over his face.  I love my job.


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Be careful what you wish for...

Hi bois!

Last night I had very interesting conversation with a guy named Omar.  Omar is a black man with a serious cuckold fetish.  He's bit slender in the genital department, and around 7 inches (not bad, I suppose, but hardly qualifies for true BBC standards even if he'd had decent girth.)  

This wasn't the first time I'd ever spoken with Omar.  Previously, we had only done a bit of roleplay.  I would play his loving girlfriend, bringing home a huge cock to fuck in front of him while he whined about wanting to be my strong black boyfriend.  Cute, right?  

Our conversation last night, however, went drastically different.  Omar informed me that about two months ago, he had confessed his cuckold fetish to his girlfriend.  They roleplayed between the two of them for a while, but during the course of one of their "sessions", his girlfriend informed him that she was really going to do it.  

But it's just roleplay, right?  LOL Don't be so sure!

Four days ago, Omar's girlfriend sat him down to tell him that she'd gone through with it.   She had allowed herself to get fucked behind his back by a guy from work that she'd been flirting with for months.  He was bigger than Omar, thicker than Omar, and had stretched her out in a way that made her feel sexier than Omar could ever possibly achieve.  

Even in the midst of his heartbreak, Omar got a raging hard-on.  Talking to me about it four days later, he was nearly in tears... he stroked himself.  Fucking amazing.

His girlfriend has told him that she's leaving it up to him whether she fucks her co-worker again or not.  At first he told me that he would leave it up to her.  Further into the conversation, he changed his mind - he would tell her yes, please continue to fuck him.  

So in this delicate transitioning stage of truly becoming a cuckboi,  I would like to remind Omar of his mantras:
And the two most important mantras of all:
Repeat these to yourself whenever you get free time alone, Omar.  You'll get there.  ;)


Saturday, July 4, 2015

mike the wrestling cocksucker

Heya Mikey ;)

So it seems as though you've fully embraced your total lack of masculinity.  You always prided yourself for your full head of hair?  lol  The joke's on you, sweetie.  Bald men have excess testosterone (aka, they drip manliness.)  Kim knew that.  She ditched your ass and replaced you with a guy that didn't have a single hair on his head - I've seen the pictures.  She knows what a real man looks like! So much for your full head of hair. LOL

But it's okay.  You've learned to compensate for your lack of manliness by taking up wrestling.  In the gayest form possible, but wrestling nonetheless.  No, really people, I'm talking full-blown homo wrestling.  What did you say the rules were?  The loser sucks the winner's cock, right?  It's like an established "thing" within your little club.  

And to top it all off, you've prepared yourself for your next two upcoming matches by buying yourself THIS:

Of your own volition, at that!! Wow.  I have to say, Mikey, you've really embraced your inner effeminate sissyboi.  Enjoy your cocksucking  wrestling matches! lol


Saturday, June 6, 2015

slut training :)

Hi bois!

My newest little sissyboi has come to me requesting slut training.  From the looks of things, he's already gotten himself off to a good start:

He called Me for the first time with the fantasy of exposing his panty love to his gay friend.  Since that first call, under My guidance, he's made that fantasy a reality.  By the time the night was over, My boi had been bent over in front of his "friend", and had gotten quite the ass groping.

I can only imagine how much further things might have gone if My sissyboi's girlfriend hadn't come home so quickly!

Luckily, they're supposed to continue their "conversation" tonight while the girlfriend is at work.  That's one conversation I can't wait to hear about. LOL

No worries, I'll fill you in as soon as I find out more.


Friday, May 29, 2015

breaking in the slave

Hi bois ;)

Still breaking in My slaveboy, mark.  It took a little convincing, but I've finally gotten him to give Me a pic of him eating his cum!  Unfortunately, it's a closeup of his mouth, and it's blurry.  :/  Baby steps, I suppose.

A bit close up for My taste.  But on the plus side, that is one excellent wad!

And here are the panties that he cleaned this particular wad out of for Me:

Saturated w/ cum.  :)  Nice.

I think we'll be getting mark a few more pairs of panties.  Maybe something a little more feminine this time.  I think pink is definitely his color. ;)