Friday, May 29, 2015

breaking in the slave

Hi bois ;)

Still breaking in My slaveboy, mark.  It took a little convincing, but I've finally gotten him to give Me a pic of him eating his cum!  Unfortunately, it's a closeup of his mouth, and it's blurry.  :/  Baby steps, I suppose.

A bit close up for My taste.  But on the plus side, that is one excellent wad!

And here are the panties that he cleaned this particular wad out of for Me:

Saturated w/ cum.  :)  Nice.

I think we'll be getting mark a few more pairs of panties.  Maybe something a little more feminine this time.  I think pink is definitely his color. ;)


Thursday, May 21, 2015

slave's first pair of panties!

Hi bois!

I love, love, LOVE introducing new slaveboys to new experiences.

First, I instructed My new slaveboy, Mark, to do this (via My JOI):

In case you're wondering... Yep! He ate it. :)

Which led to him buying these for my amusement:

I have a pic of the receipt.  Brand spanking new panties, just bought today.

Which he wore for our next session:

A little tight, but I think they look kinda cute that way! ;)

I haven't quite decided what I'll make him do next, but breaking him in is going to be SOOOO much fun.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

guiding the new sub

Hi bois.

I had the most amazing call last night from a guy who, one way or another, ended up requesting My guidance into his new role as a submissive. I don't know what it is that I love about it, but whenever a guy calls to tell me that he's in the beginning stages of a sub / Dom relationship, my ears perk right up.

Maybe it's the speculation. Many guys don't realize it, but whatever a sub originally believes he'll be getting out of his new relationship is only the first chapter. What you take on at face value is rarely ever the full extent of what you'll be experiencing. Limits will be pushed, and (whether you choose to believe it or not) before your ride is over, you will be doing (and enjoying) things that you never would have allowed yourself to consider in the beginning stages.

This is especially true in My caller's situation. Some guys enter into a relationship for the sake of having a sub/Dom dynamic. This guy already has a girlfriend, so She's only now getting a general feel for what aspects of domination She finds appealing. However, as I warned my caller, as a Dominant progresses, tastes will change. What was fun at first will no longer hold the same thrill after a while, and to keep things interesting, new thrills will be found.... and there's no telling what that may be.

This is why it is so key to create hard limits in the beginning of the relationship. Well, assuming you want those limits to be respected, anyway. LOL Once a dynamic is established, a sub telling his Dom that he doesn't want something is practically an engraved invitation to give him exactly that. It may not happen right away, but eventually he will not only be pushed towards that thing that he thought he didn't want, but (under the guidance of a good Dom) he will learn to crave it.

To be completely honest, I was screwing with his head a little. It's all true! But after hearing the awe in My caller's voice, I may have pushed the envelope a bit as far as just how far his girlfriend may try to take him. Like I said, it's all speculation at this point anyway. That, and big load of giggles for Me.

Be good ;)


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Things that Make My Day ;)

Mistress can't get enough -

  • Sissy boys!  Or in some cases, Sissy girls. LOL!  Dressing you up, taking advantage, teasing to make you hard in your panties...   some of my favorite callers!  Especially my Sweet Sarah.
  • Cross-dressers!  I love My girly girls.  I especially love the online shopping and the outfit pics.  Looking at you Lexi ;) Or I would be... still waiting on the pictures you promised. Tsk.
  • CBT painsluts!  Seriously, how do you not love these guys?  The more I make them hurt themselves through nipple, cock or balls torture, the harder they get!! And the creativity they allow me... *sigh*  I'm also a huge sucker for a spankboy. 
  • Jerkoff boys!  So fun to fuck with.  ;)  Edging / Jerk off Instructions get Mistress's juices flowing like crazy.  Especially when I find a boy that will take himself to the very tip of the edge and then squeal like a bitch when he's told to back off...  

Feeling especially teasy today.  Things could get interesting.